Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for grocery stores?

ebounti goal is to provide a superior experience for both customers and your services as a Store. For all grocery and product providers from luxurious to approachable stores of all sizes and varieties, here are some of the many things in it for you! (i) 24/7 mobile booking, allowing customers to search and place orders at any time, from anywhere, delivering you a higher volume of customers and simplifying the online order process. (ii) Customized orders.

Are you available in my area?

ebounti is available in US. Let us know where you are we will let you know when we can welcome you to the platform.

What is ebounti?

ebounti is a real-time grocery store booking network that brings together the availabilities of multiple grocery and products (Rice, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits and more!) and it lets customers browse and place order while confirming orders instantly from the comfort of their mobile device as well as through website. We created the stronger marketplace that connects customers and grocery and products provider, in 4 clicks on any app device.

How does ebounti generate orders for my products?

Thousands of customers search for grocery and products online every day – they might be new to the area or just looking for a change.

How does ebounti know what products are available with us?

We understand that every provider is different, to help set up ebounti for your store, a ebounti representative (at your request) may spend time with you and your team to customize your profile and service offering and guide you through the setup process. Our automated intake system allows you to create your own list of available products. This includes everything from available products, price range, opening hours etc. Customers will be able to choose products from the specific products list that you have provided in the same way as they would by phone and website.

What happens if a customer tries to place order and we are full?

If you are unable to confirm the order at the requested time, ebounti will automatically offer the customers to choose the next available date from the calendar.

Is a ebounti booking a confirmed order?

Yes, we provide customers the convenience of being able to place order when it suits them, and saves you from having to take phone calls during peak service periods, or after hours! You may update your calendar based on your daily traffic. Next Available, will allow you on your mobile device to confirm modify or reject the requested order for same day services.

Do we need special equipment to use ebounti?

No, ebounti is an IOS and Android / web-based system and works with your preferred device of compatibility. All you need to participate is a tablet, smart phone or a computer, and an Internet connection.