Picking a grocery store directly and hoping for the best is the thing of past

ebounti is an online on demand digital platform for grocery store owners and Customers. Grocery store owners can showcase their groceries, offers and connect with new and existing Customers, and build their Business. Customers can discover new grocery items and providers, order from online, avail custom promotions and get inspired.


With ebounti, Customers can search for nearby grocery stores and pick a store based on reviews and ratings and also personalize their experience by selecting a store of their choice.

Store owners can also benefit by advertising their promotions on the ebounti platform and attract more Customers to experience their services.

Built in automatic Order notifications help store owners to conduct their Business hassle free while allowing Customers to better manage their time & schedule.

ebounti play a major role on attentive service and friendly interaction throughout the entire ecommerce grocery store experience.

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